Live Playlist Signature

What is this?

We are creating the best place to make your own original forum, blog or even site signature filled with live titles played in your favorite music or video player. Here is our signature preview:



Live Playlist Signature provides dynamic now playing images. With a small plugin for your media player, your computer sends the title and artist of songs you play. This info is then made per your settings into an image, the url for which you can embed in webpages or forum sigs so that a dynamic image will show what you are listening to or had listened.

How do I get it to work?

1. Download and install the LPS plugin for your media player (Grab your favorite flavour from HERE).
2. Register with us here (You need a valid email address to complete registration).
3. After you register check your mail, you will receive the user name and password to use in LPS plugin configuration.
4. Launch your player and start your music/video (after you installed the plugin - step 1)
5. In your media player access the plugins settings and double click on "L P S" plugin to configure it
6. In the LPS Settings window go on the Account tab and write your user name and password you received when you had registered (step 2 and 3)
7. Now if your music/video is playing (if not play it) click on ‘Enable’ in the LPS window to enable the plugin and generate your image with the current song, wait 3-4 seconds and you will see the image preview (in the right pan) and your image link code bellow the settings. (by default the link is generated with the bb code [img] to see your image on our servers jus remove the [img] and [/img] tags and paste the link in your browser)
8. You can copy-paste the image code in your forum signature or web page/ blog etc .. is just dynamic generated image use it where you like it, like a normal link to a png picture. As long as the plugin is enabled and something is playing in your media player the image will be updated with the current song.
BBCODE Example:


HTML Example:
<img src="">
Where 5 is your ID.

Why to use?

Is the LPS signature a hacking tool, or can it be used to violate anyone's privacy?

Absolutely not! The LPS signature can never be used maliciously. Users are creating custom signs with the songs they play, with text that they choose, and they then display their custom signs in forums or on websites using a simple image link. We don't monitor or censor the text that users choose to display on their signs. Regardless of what prankster text might appear on a user's custom sign, the sign is totally harmless.

Where are the music downloads?

This site does not offer any music downloads. We only keep images with music/video tracks that our users play.

Any more questions?

For ANY questions, bugs report, wishes etc. please e-mail us at: .